Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rainy Dayz

It rained yesterday, but that didn't stop us from skateboarding still. Grant brought his trusty flat-bar to Bush Middle School. Stephen and him shredded the rail and the footy came out pretty decent, I think. Take a gander at this montage.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Throwaway Montage Volume 2

Just cleaning out all the unusable clips for the montage. Setting higher expectations for the next montage, so expect more of these. Few homies took a trip to Austin yesterday, got word that it turned out to be a good little filming mission. So far, the filming for the montage has been decently good, so stay tuned.

Also, another photo from Joaquin. Skateboarding done by Aarron Snyder, Half-cab Board with a soft cast on...

aaron snyder /halfcab board

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Josh @ Blanco Banks

Josh Solis feebled the Blanco Banks today. The filmers weren't there to get a camera on it, so hopefully we'll go back and film it. Taken by the one and only Joaquin Herrera.

josh solis/back feeble

josh solis/ back feeble

josh solis/backside feeble

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Austin Trip + Big Update

USK8 took a trip to Austin this weekend, finally got around to editing the footage. Not a great edit or great filming, but it'll do. Aarron broke his wrist so not to much shredding from him for a bit. Never really too hyped on park edits. Enjoy it.

Also some photos by Joaquin Herrera, from the past days.

josh solis/back wallride

aaron snyder/front 180

aaron snyder/front 180

benji solis/backside 5-0

grant mcconnell/ hardflip

aaron snyder/ back board

grant mcconnell/ hardflip

aaron snyder/back board

benji solis/ kickflip

benji solis/kickflip

chris mireles/back boardslide

benji solis/kickflip

josh solis/ollie

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday Woe - Josh Solis

Clip from the weekend of Josh getting murked at Mazda Rail for the second time. Before the incident happened and cameras were shut off. Its a day late thanks to YouTube's servers last night. Peep it, still filming strong for the video.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Activities

Filmed all weekend. Got some good footage and some good photos, obviously. Peep them, these were taken by none other than, Lane Hoggard. Filming is still going strong. We are in a bit of an indecision as to what it will be used for, though.

He's been in need of a portrait.
big fish

Garrett Garnet with an awesome Front Noseslide 270 out.
garret front nose 270 out

Puttin' in work on those double angles as John executes this 5-0 Fakie.
john back 5-0

Just a result of how hesh we are. Crazy ass night.

Grant documenting the high times.
Grant postin up

Me doing what I do best with guest star, Kosby!
jared in his natural environment

Aarron almost goes through with a Smith 270 out.
Aarron front smith 270 out

Josh Solis putting work on this ledge with a Front Rock.
josh front rock

Kosby and his homies...

Josh cheesin' big for this photo.
josh solis

Josh slides through this Front Board.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back in the Game

Been gone for Thanksgiving and couldn't update the site, but I'm back in San Antonio again. Got a way better line than this today, but this was the throwaway clip. Enjoy.

Josh Solis with a Heel flip, I believe.
josh solis/heelflip?

An Ollie by Josh.
josh solis/ollie

Another, even weirder, Heel flip by our Aarron Snyder.
aaron snyder/heelflip

Grant McConnell with a beasting Backside Kickflip.
grant mcconnell/backside flip

Back Heel by Aarron down this huge 2 flat.
aaron snyder/backside heel

John Gonz went a bit different with this Wallie on the Target balls.
john gonz/wallie

Steezy performing this Fakie Ollie 5-0.
stephen scholz/switch 5-0

Biggest trick down any gap I've seen this boy do.
grant mcconnell/backside flip

Another shot.
grant mcconnell/backside flip

John Gonzalez with a awesome Backside Feeble grind.
jjohn gonz/back feeble

Grant was all over this trick.
grant mcconnell/backside noseblunt

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Northeast Shreddin'

Crew stayed on the northeast this time as you can tell. Photos taken by the one and only, Joaquin Herrera.

Stephen Scholz shredding with a Backside Noseslide.
stephen scholz/fakie front tailslide

Stephen goes with the Fakie Five OH! With footage to prove it.
stephen scholz/fakie five o

Grant with a gnarly fail expression on this Front Lip.
grant mcconnell/front lip

Stephen, yet again, with this Boardslide and the footage to prove his fall...
stephen scholz/back boardslide

Monday, November 22, 2010

Daily Kill

Grant and Aarron just having fun with the crew at Target. Filming still in progress.

Also, some photos taken by Lane Hoggard.

Grant does a kickflip down the set.
grant kickflip churchill 8 edit

One of the best Christ Airs in the game.
stephen christ air

Chris Mireles with a long Back 50-50
Chris back 50-50

Grant getting work done.
grant 50-50 tuck knee

Josh Solis performs a Backside Feeble.
josh back feeble

Aarron with a Bluntslide on the rail.
aarron blunt

Grant McConnell doing what he does best with a massive 360 flip down this 8.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Aarron Snyder rolls over the Target balls.

aaron snyder/ollie on ball

aaron snyder/ ollie